Privacy policy

Our company’s “Privacy Policy” is intended to help you understand our privacy practices. Everyone has the right to have his/her personal data protected. We respect our “customer’s” right to be informed about the collection and processing of their personal data. All information provided by a “customer” on our website,, is used solely to provide easier navigation and process Adventuryx product purchases. We only process personal data for purposes that are strictly connected and correlated to the performance of services on, including the sale of products. The “provider” ( guarantees that the information provided by the “customer” will not be shared with third parties or companies, unless it is necessary to executed purchase transaction.
 The website was designed to minimize the use of the “customer’s” personal data and not exceed the original purpose for which the “customer’s” personal data is collected and/or processed. Cookies are small data files that are hosted on the “customer’s” terminal. These cookies contain information from the “customer’s”visit to Our website uses cookies only to facilitate “customer” navigation by associating these specific cookies to personal data that identifies the “customer.” The “customer” has the option to deactivate cookies.